Getting greener the agile way

The leader ambitiously wanted a “greener” business and it wasn’t clear how to get there. Creative ideas were essential. A cross-functional team would be needed. red10 ‘s Sarah Barber and Tammy Watchorn share how they helped the team work it all out, in an agile way. Design and Execution Workshop – In 3 Sprints: We [...]

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Elephant Herding

They’d had more success than they expected. So understandably, the team had lots of loose ends to sort that they referred to as the ‘elephants in the room’. Here, red10 ‘s Will Sudworth shares a process helping teams to find and release Elephants back into the wild. A: Expect Elephants My coach, the late Bruce [...]

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Seize Privileged Moments

Do you find that sometimes you are heard, and other times you aren’t? Timing is key. When it’s sunny, who wants to buy an umbrella? Here, red10 ‘s Hazel Howard shared Cialdini’s “Pre-suasion” research on how to increase your chances of being listened to fairly - with a principle called “Privileged Moments”. Tony needed to [...]

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