Kevin’s EDI problem

Know a team or department with little or no ethnicity?

Wondering how to create an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) plan?

Want to move past awkwardness with what words to (not) use?

Here, Claudia Iton introduces red10‘s new 2hr offering to help teams create their EDI plans through an engaging, helpful curated conversation.

Do you know a […]

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Introducing GC Index®

Looking for new insights into you and your team?

Want a tool that helps maximize contribution and impact?

Here, red10‘s Andy Stanley introduces the GC Index.

What is the GC Index®

The GC Index®, is a digital Organimetric, which measures five different ways in which people are inclined to make an impact and contribution at work. It […]

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Icebreaker: Through the Keyhole

Looking for a team meeting icebreaker?

Want fun yet humanness?

Here, red10‘s Karen Hyde provides everything you would need to lead the team icebreaker “Through the Keyhole”, where team members have to guess who’s house it is from a photo of one of their rooms.

Inspired by the British Comedy Game Show

First broadcast in the 1980s, […]

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Team Tool – Agenda Wizard

Planning a meeting with attendees from many countries?

Need to calculate time zone differences quickly?

We have created a flexible excel tool that calculates the start and end time for each agenda item and is flexible so that it auto-calculates as you move or add topics

If you’d like to try it for yourself, email us at

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Partnering with stakeholders

A team we were working with noticed that their “stakeholder map” had not kept up with changes around them.

They needed to refresh their map and their approach as they were no longer moving the organisation along with them.

Here, Sarah Barber describes three strategies for teams to use in connecting with their wider system.

Refreshing […]

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Stimulus for creativity

Want to stimulate creativity?

Want to explore Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs)?

Ever wondered how patent inventors do it?

Here, red10’s Will Sudworth points us at a ‘creativity code’ formed by London’s ?WhatIf! from observing 500 patent inventors.

Creativity is a skill we can all learn

In their book Sticky Wisdom, ?WhatIf! argue that creativity […]

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Returning to Premises?

A thoughtful approach to returning to the workplace

Are you planning for your department to return to their buildings?

Are staff anxious about returning?

After the first UK Coronavirus “lockdown”, one of our clients needed staff back in the office.

They recognised that people would have concerns and anxieties after months of working from home and wanted to listen […]

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The pirate code

Have you been trying (and failing) to bring people together?

Want to focus on people (not shiny widgets)?

Want an anchor (pun intended) to find a different way?

Here, red10‘s Tam Watchorn describes her learning from the book “Be More Pirate” and her own ways of implementing the Pirate Code through QUBE® and LEGO® […]

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Does your vision tick all the boxes?

Setting a vision to give direction?

Helpful to have a list of what makes a “great vision”?

How many of the 10 boxes does your vision tick?

Here, red10‘s Will Sudworth gathers research-based expertise into ten criteria you can either ‘tick’ as covered, or use to help you further refine your organisational vision.

Conditions for […]

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