The power of summarising

Have you been in a meeting where arguments are being repeated with increasing vehemence?

Have you seen it escalate into personal attack or defence?

When people know that they have been heard. It can have the most remarkable calming effect

Sarah Barber talks about the impact that summarising can have and explains how to do it […]

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Does your vision tick all the boxes?

Setting a vision to give direction?

Helpful to have a list of what makes a “great vision”?

How many of the 10 boxes does your vision tick?

Here, red10‘s Will Sudworth gathers research-based expertise into ten criteria you can either ‘tick’ as covered, or use to help you further refine your organisational vision.

Conditions for […]

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Seize Privileged Moments

Do you find that sometimes you are heard, and other times you aren’t?

Timing is key. When it’s sunny, who wants to buy an umbrella?

Here, red10 ‘s Hazel Howard shared Cialdini’s “Pre-suasion” research on how to increase your chances of being listened to fairly – with […]

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