CliftonStrengths Guessing Game

Want team-members to be curious about each other?

Want them to give positive feedback to each other?

Looking for a game with a point?

Here, red10 ‘s Andy Stanley explains the guessing game he uses with the GALLUP® CliftonStrengths psychometric.

What is CliftonStrengths?

CliftonStrengths is a fabulous tool that allows you to identify your strengths […]

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Stakeholder feedback

Team receiving mixed messages from their organization?

Want clarity on steers for the future?

Need to understand the system 360?

Andy Stanley introduces ‘Stakeholder Feedback on a Page’.

Stakeholder Feedback-on-a-Page™

We are often asked by senior leaders or individual coaches, to carry out 360-degree feedback which will enable them to see the complete picture of what their team […]

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When the student is READY – the teacher will appear

Are you experiencing frustration because you’re wondering how it is that you’re not able to commit to the change you truly wish for yourself or your team?

Do you feel deterred or disheartened when the change you wished for, was met with another disappointment or deferment?

Wondering how some team members, colleagues or friends are able to […]

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Reducing noise in your team judgements

Do your experts make very different judgements given the same information?

Or does a single expert judge things differently depending on their mood?

If so, they are not unusual, there is “noise” in human judgement.

Here red10 ‘s Sarah Barber describes three strategies to help teams reduce noise and make better judgements.

What is “noise”?

In his book […]

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From team story to team values

Are the actions your team members take aligned with team values?

If not, team members may feel conflicted. Values are important to teams but don’t always get articulated.

Here red10 ‘s Sarah Barber describes an approach to articulating values based on the team story.

Telling the team story

In his book Belonging, Owen Eastwood describes his […]

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Icebreaker; Virtual Linkee

Looking for an entertaining game to play virtually?

One that’s easy to learn, enjoyable and great for teams?

Have you ever played LINKEE®?

Here Karen Hyde explains how red10 has adapted this amusing general knowledge quiz game into their Friday “Locktail” hour

What is LINKEE®?

LINKEE® is a simple, easy to learn, quiz game with a […]

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