Does your vision tick all the boxes?

Setting a vision to give direction?

Helpful to have a list of what makes a “great vision”?

How many of the 10 boxes does your vision tick?

Here, red10‘s Will Sudworth gathers research-based expertise into ten criteria you can either ‘tick’ as covered, or use to help you further refine your organisational vision.

Conditions for […]

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The Heartbeat Model – a secret for team speed

By Gavin Simpson

As I’m writing this, I’m realising the Heartbeat Model is at the centre (or the heart ?) of the Team Effectiveness approach we described as being like a Team SatNav, and I feel like I’m giving away a secret.

Because leadership teams that implement the […]

Expectation exchange – a facilitated powerful and practical tool to improve team partnership

By Will Sudworth

“I’ve spoken to both of them individually, but is there something we can do in the team offsite to sort their fractious relationship? It’s affecting the team and it’s starting to impact the way their departments work with each other too. All the other relationships seem good, but […]

Seeing is Believing

If leaders want engagement, they need to invest more in clarifying what they and their people are trying to achieve. Caroline Allen offers some food for thought (should you be in need of more after the Christmas holiday....) on why creating a vision and being clear on who the vision is for is so pivotal to effective leadership and team working.

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