red10 is a niche, boutique People Development consultancy.

We specialise in:
Team Effectiveness | One-to-One Coaching | Skill Masterclasses | Mediation
underpinned by our 9-Dimensions® coaching framework.

Discretion, sensitivity and trust are at core of how we operate
and in the heart of every member of our team.

That’s why we don’t name clients, seek testimonials or share specific case studies.
The outcome of our work sells itself.

As our story tells, we’re not the main act, you are.

You’ll find us warm, authentic, data-driven, bringing a life-changing touch.

We are currently working with global leaders and teams in
academia, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, professional services and retail

Team Effectiveness

One-to-One 9D® Coaching

Skill Masterclasses for Leaders


9 Dimensions®

Red Letter July 2024

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