Getting a virtual word in edgeways

  By Kirsten Campbell , Sarah Barber and Will Sudworth     The group’s first attempt at problem-solving in a Virtual Meeting was “okay”, yet everyone agreed that they’d be faster and smarter if they stopped talking over each other. The team observed that it was hard to pick up cues that someone wanted to [...]

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Set-up Steps for Virtual Meetings

Are you planning an engaging Virtual Meeting? Then these Six Steps, from red10 ‘s Hazel Howard, will: Set up your meeting for success Provide a template for meeting invites that you can tailor and use   1. If you can choose your platform... In red10 we pride ourselves on using our facilitation expertise across [...]

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Give ’em Hell

Do you believe you can change your mindset? Are you affected by people and events around you? Life is really about perspective. red10 ‘s Piers Carter reveals in this article – or in this video - how he realised he wasn’t hopeless - it was his thoughts that were hopeless and needed to change. [...]

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Is Influencing Ethical?

Colleagues had flown in from all over the globe for this conference. We were just about to get the part of the day dedicated to Influencing Skills started, when a senior leader stood up and said, “We can’t be seen to be Influencing in our field, in fact we have highly visible rules and regulations [...]

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“Away From” or “Towards” Thinking

All they talked about was negatives!! You could put money on “The problem is…” being their response. Here, red10 ‘s Hazel Howard explain how this is an unhelpful “Away From” mindset that can have more negative consequences than you might think… It Won’t Work The organization’s Performance Review process needed an over-haul. As it fell [...]

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Listen … Say yes … and Commit

If you are going to perform brilliantly in the improvisation world with others you have to fully accept whatever comes up. No throwing things back at the other, no rejection; simple acceptance and building on their idea and they commit to the same with you.

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Seize Privileged Moments

Do you find that sometimes you are heard, and other times you aren’t? Timing is key. When it’s sunny, who wants to buy an umbrella? Here, red10 ‘s Hazel Howard shared Cialdini’s “Pre-suasion” research on how to increase your chances of being listened to fairly - with a principle called “Privileged Moments”. Tony needed to [...]

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