The power of summarising

Have you been in a meeting where arguments are being repeated with increasing vehemence?

Have you seen it escalate into personal attack or defence?

When people know that they have been heard. It can have the most remarkable calming effect

Sarah Barber talks about the impact that summarising can have and explains how to do it […]

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Hit a brick wall convincing?

Hit a brick wall convincing?

Ailsa was convinced it was the right thing to do.

Yet she was extremely frustrated that she wasn’t convincing others.

In fact, she felt like she’d hit a brick wall.

This could be the perfect time to use Cialdini’s Universal Rules to extract the hidden persuasive arguments from Ailsa’s head.

Who is Cialdini?

Google the […]

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To test my understanding…

They were about to start shouting at each other.

Lots of assumptions were being made.

It was the perfect time to introduce them to the ‘Testing Understanding’ approach that is part of Professor Neil Rackham’s work on Communicating Behaviours.

They told me, afterwards, that it was literally life-changing, as it opened a whole new world up […]

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Disagree? It’s good, but a fine line

Full, balanced, adult conversations include disagreement. Yet there’s a fine line, as too much disagreement can spill into an explosive cycle of ‘defend/attack’.

Sharing a true story of an Exec who planned the revenge attack for 6-weeks, here red10 ‘s Kirsten Campbell explains how to spot it and act differently.

We Need Disagreement

We all know […]

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Making More of Meetings

How many times have you attended meetings that have turned out to be a complete waste of time? Was it due to the way it was led? Was it due to the behaviours of the attendees?

What is the answer?

Meetings improve as communication skills improve

Individual red10 clients often tell us how meeting effectiveness improves as communication […]

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