Worth reframing it?

Are people’s words causing bruises?

Is friction becoming more serious?

Want a way to turn from drama to delivery?

A True Story To Give Context

Their work relationship was breaking down.

She’d begin with:

“You’re no longer a team player. You’re ploughing a lone furrow”

and followed it up with an entire list of criticisms!

In his shock, he’d repeated his notes […]

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Influencing with expertise

Why do we listen to experts?

Why do we ‘test’ them, to see if they really are experts in their field?

What does it take to lead well with expertise?

Here, red10‘s Hazel Howard shares a true story and reflects on the psychology of leading and influencing using expertise.

When do we start complying with […]

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Toilet paper, pasta and influence

In the 2020 pandemic, customers bulk-bought toilet paper, pasta and many other household basics.

Supermarket shelves emptied and rationing measures were put in place.

What was it about our psychology that influenced us to do this?

Here, red10‘s Gavin Simpson shares what psychologist Professor Cialdini calls the Rule of Scarcity.

Influencing using Scarcity

Let’s explore the […]

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Most listen for just 11 seconds

From our earliest years we are trained to give information and express our point of view.

But if you knew the average listening time was just 11 seconds, how might you change your communication behaviour?

red10s Kirsten Campbell has some suggestions.

Is communication out of balance?

Seeking information and giving information are like […]

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The catalytic impact of questions

Have you ever been amazed by the torrent of ideas unleashed by a well framed question?

It seems that the brain thinks and responds best in the presence of a question.

Here red10s Kirsten Campbell talks about types of questions and explains how Seeking Information can transform communication.

Asking questions – the […]

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