Icebreaker; Virtual Linkee

Looking for an entertaining game to play virtually?

One that’s easy to learn, enjoyable and great for teams?

Have you ever played LINKEE®?

Here Karen Hyde explains how red10 has adapted this amusing general knowledge quiz game into their Friday “Locktail” hour

What is LINKEE®?

LINKEE® is a simple, easy to learn, quiz game with a […]

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Icebreaker: Desert Island Discs

Want your team to know each other as people?

Looking for a speedy yet fun way to make that human connection in a meeting?

Here red10 ‘s Sarah Barber shares an icebreaker where people listen to a song, guess who’s nominated it, and find out why that track has meaning to them.

What are […]

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Icebreaker: Through the Keyhole

Looking for a team meeting icebreaker?

Want fun yet humanness?

Here, red10‘s Karen Hyde provides everything you would need to lead the team icebreaker “Through the Keyhole”, where team members have to guess who’s house it is from a photo of one of their rooms.

Inspired by the British Comedy Game Show

First broadcast in the 1980s, […]

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