Skill-building on pandemic hold?

Has developing people skills been on hold during the pandemic?

Are your leaders assuming that it’s just like schools being out during lockdowns?

Did you know that others are skill-building virtually, and loving it?

Here, red10‘s Gavin Simpson describes how some clients have kept on going with some surprising benefits.

Some companies maintained or accelerated […]

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What comes to mind when you hear ‘relationship’?

Do you actively work on your relationships?

Did you know the word YOGA means relationship?

Here, red10’s Lisa Smith explains how relationships can be improved with many of red10’s products, and offers some insights to improve all your connections.

This is part of red10’s […]

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Country Cultures

Discussing Country Culture & Agreeing Ways of Working

Is your team or department multinational?

Do you notice differences in ways of working?

Wondering how to discuss this, without it getting awkward?

Here, red10‘s Will Sudworth introduces Erin Meyer’s recent research mapping country cultures, and her encouragement for teams to discuss preferences and agree ways of working. […]

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Letting go

Do you sometimes feel unhappy but can’t work out why?

Is there something you would like to let go of, which could make you feel better?

Perhaps you are attached to an image you have of yourself, to money or status, or to your beliefs and cultural systems?

As part of Wellbeing, red10’s Lisa […]

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Worth reframing it?

Are people’s words causing bruises?

Is friction becoming more serious?

Want a way to turn from drama to delivery?

A True Story To Give Context

Their work relationship was breaking down.

She’d begin with:

“You’re no longer a team player. You’re ploughing a lone furrow”

and followed it up with an entire list of criticisms!

In his shock, he’d repeated his notes […]

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Advanced time management

Want to be more organized?

Juggling a portfolio of assignments?

Heard of Pomodoro? Heard of Weighted-Points?

Here, red10‘s Paul Gaskell shares advanced time management techniques now being taught and invented by 9th graders.

Time Management Tips From My 9th Grader

This guidance is brought to you courtesy of my daughter as she learned how to manage […]

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Influencing with expertise

Why do we listen to experts?

Why do we ‘test’ them, to see if they really are experts in their field?

What does it take to lead well with expertise?

Here, red10‘s Hazel Howard shares a true story and reflects on the psychology of leading and influencing using expertise.

When do we start complying with […]

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Puncture repair or complete service?

How are you feeling?

What are the Pandemic’s effects on your health?

Are you free-wheeling or struggling on the uphill?

Whether this past year has left you feeling like you’ve had a blow-out, or just a slow puncture, here red10’s Lisa Smith describes how our Wellbeing Wheel may help get you free-wheeling again.

One thing […]

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Managing Performance?

Need to set performance expectations with staff?

Have you told yourself how you think they are doing?

Want some good options to discuss performance gaps?

red10‘s Paul Gaskell shares some gems – and even a flowchart – of guidance he’d have found invaluable back when he was managing staff.


As a manager […]

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