Desensitise a trigger

Something that upsets you quickly?

Having flashbacks?

Want to de-sensitise to it?

Here, red10 ‘s Will Sudworth explains a do-it-yourself technique from Neuro Linguistic Programming that can help you desensitise to triggers.

Can you remember a significant time you were triggered?

Have you experienced what psychologists call an SEE: a Significant Emotional Event?

Is it giving you […]

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Change can be quick

Change can be quick, easy and lasting. It’s the build-up to change that may take a while or be difficult.

When did you last make a big change in your life?

How long did it take you to make up your mind to change?

Has that change stuck with you?

People with healthy minds seem to hold the concept […]

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Time for a new job?

Time for a new job?

Want to come across well?

Need to prepare?

Here, red10 ‘s Will Sudworth shares the reverse psychology gems from the classic book “What colour is your parachute?”.

In his classic book “What colour is your parachute?”, Richard Bolles asks: When you’ve been recruiting, if you’re honest, what were your […]

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