Change can be quick

Change can be quick, easy and lasting. It’s the build-up to change that may take a while or be difficult.

When did you last make a big change in your life?

How long did it take you to make up your mind to change?

Has that change stuck with you?

People with healthy minds seem to hold the concept […]

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Time for a new job?

Time for a new job?

Want to come across well?

Need to prepare?

Here, red10 ‘s Will Sudworth shares the reverse psychology gems from the classic book “What colour is your parachute?”.

In his classic book “What colour is your parachute?”, Richard Bolles asks: When you’ve been recruiting, if you’re honest, what were your […]

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Coaching only for executives?

Does your organisation only provide coaching for senior leaders?

Is coaching seen as a lengthy, costly process?

Have you heard of open coaching clinics?

Here, red10‘s Piers Carter explains how some clients are using red10 to make coaching available to those who need it most, in a timely, simple fast-access way.

How come […]

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What response do you get?

Have you ever given a presentation and seen the excitement on people’s faces and bodies?

Or seen the opposite – seen how people were bored?

People with healthy minds seem to hold the concept that we need to look for people’s responses, learn from them, and adjust.

Here, red10 ‘s Hazel Howard sets out your […]

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Not being listened to?

Have you ever felt that your clients or colleagues aren’t really listening to you?

Do you need to explain things a million times before anyone does what you ask?

Are there important people in your life who just won’t open up?

Here, red10 ‘s Andy Stanley introduces one of the 16 concepts that the research of […]

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