Coaching only for executives?

Does your organisation only provide coaching for senior leaders?

Is coaching seen as a lengthy, costly process?

Have you heard of open coaching clinics?

Here, red10‘s Piers Carter explains how some clients are using red10 to make coaching available to those who need it most, in a timely, simple fast-access way.

How come […]

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Worth reframing it?

Are people’s words causing bruises?

Is friction becoming more serious?

Want a way to turn from drama to delivery?

A True Story To Give Context

Their work relationship was breaking down.

She’d begin with:

“You’re no longer a team player. You’re ploughing a lone furrow”

and followed it up with an entire list of criticisms!

In his shock, he’d repeated his notes […]

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Achieving your important goals

A client was frustrated that he and his team were not making progress on technology enhancement objectives.

Project goals were being met, but there was not enough time to work on improving the technology that would make future projects faster or higher quality.

Here red10s Sarah Barber talks about how the urgency/ […]

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Managing Performance?

Need to set performance expectations with staff?

Have you told yourself how you think they are doing?

Want some good options to discuss performance gaps?

red10‘s Paul Gaskell shares some gems – and even a flowchart – of guidance he’d have found invaluable back when he was managing staff.


As a manager […]

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Meet our Mediators

Companies working together in an alliance, individuals working together in a project or team, our mediation is completely independent and will treat all individuals, teams or companies equally.

Participants take part without prejudice, i.e. the contents of the mediation discussions cannot be used in other processes and partaking in mediation does not stop anyone following any […]

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Does your vision tick all the boxes?

Setting a vision to give direction?

Helpful to have a list of what makes a “great vision”?

How many of the 10 boxes does your vision tick?

Here, red10‘s Will Sudworth gathers research-based expertise into ten criteria you can either ‘tick’ as covered, or use to help you further refine your organisational vision.

Conditions for […]

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Give ’em Hell

Do you believe you can change your mindset?

Are you affected by people and events around you?

Life is really about perspective.

red10 ‘s Piers Carter reveals in this article – or in this video – how he realised he wasn’t hopeless […]

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“Away From” or “Towards” Thinking

All they talked about was negatives!!

You could put money on “The problem is…” being their response.

Here, red10 ‘s Hazel Howard explain how this is an unhelpful “Away From” mindset that can have more negative consequences than you might think…

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