Accredited by the UK Law Society, we use UK Mediation’s 7-steps for positively resolving a dispute between:

Companies working together in an alliance

Individuals working together in a project or team

A line manager and staff

We use a process whereby we meet separately with all those involved and then carefully bring them together using advanced facilitation techniques that create a positive environment to resolve issues in a good way.

It is always a voluntary choice to take part in mediation and you can pull out at any point.

By partaking in mediation, all individuals or teams agree that everything that takes place during the mediation is confidential and that they will not share it with others, unless everyone involved in the mediation explicitly agrees to this.

Our mediation is completely independent and will treat all individuals, teams or companies equally.

Our mediation has no legal power.

Participants take part without prejudice, i.e. the contents of the mediation discussions cannot be used in other processes and partaking in mediation does not stop anyone following any other options they may have available to them.

Whilst we will explore the possibility of mediating in almost all cases, we reserve the right to say if a dispute is not suitable to mediation after meeting with those involved. Cases that are less suitable to mediation include those where positions on all sides are extreme or have hardened.

Accredited Mediators

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