Pre-suasion – Place

Ever wondered how your emotions are affected by your location?

Ever noticed how ‘thinking’ yourself happy can actually make you feel happier?

And is itpossible that an understanding of these things have a practical application at work?

Here, red10 ‘s Andy Stanley explains how the use of ‘Place’ as a tool of Pre-suasion can increase […]

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Preparing the ground: Priming

Have you been approached in the street by a researcher?

Normally only 29% people agree to answer questions.

Why did one question increase that to 77?

Here, red10 ‘s Gavin Simpson talks about one aspect of pre-suasion that Professor Cialdini – the guru of influencing – calls Priming. THIS IS ONE OF EIGHT ARTICLES IN […]

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Influencing with expertise

Why do we listen to experts?

Why do we ‘test’ them, to see if they really are experts in their field?

What does it take to lead well with expertise?

Here, red10‘s Hazel Howard shares a true story and reflects on the psychology of leading and influencing using expertise.

When do we start complying with […]

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Seize Privileged Moments

Do you find that sometimes you are heard, and other times you aren’t?

Timing is key. When it’s sunny, who wants to buy an umbrella?

Here, red10 ‘s Hazel Howard shares Cialdini’s “Pre-suasion” research on how to increase your chances of being listened to fairly – with a principle called “Privileged Moments”. THIS IS […]

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