Mini Masterclass – Conflict Resolution

Experienced moments of conflict?

Need to understand what happens in those moments?

Want healthy ways to manage conflict?

Watch our 3-minute video from red10 ‘s Piers Carter explaining what happens when there is conflict and describing one of the fundamental tools you’ll learn in the Masterclass to manage conflict conversations. red10 has […]

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Want to prevent conflict? Then use feedback

Are there times when you feel you are you on a track that is going to end in a conflict?

You’d like to tell your colleague that something they do is negatively impacting your relationship, but you keep putting it off because it’s not a big deal and you don’t want to upset them?

You’ve tried to […]

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Say anything to anyone

Have you something difficult to say to someone?

Not sure how to say it?

Need to sort it soon?

red10‘s Piers Carter introduces “I’M SQIFFE” – 8 steps to increase the chances of getting a good outcome from a difficult conversation.

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