• Do you know someone with unhealthy lifestyle patterns?
  • Do they need a hand to pull themselves out of a wellbeing crisis?
  • Have you tried lots of different approaches and ended up back where you started – or worse

Here red10s Lisa Smith gives you an overview of the 8 spokes of red10‘s Wellbeing Wheel together with links allowing you to deep dive into each spoke.

This article is part of red10‘s Wellbeing Wheel.

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red10 is not providing psychological or medical advice. Our Wellbeing Wheel in no way replaces sound treatment from a licensed healthcare provider.

A Real, Anonymized, Case Study

Tariq had got himself into a rut.

Moving to virtual working in the Covid outbreak, he’d fallen into the habit of:

  • Starting at a very early 7am and finishing late at 8pm
  • Eating breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner at his desk
  • Never having the time, nor the inclination, to exercise. He used to coach his daughter’s sports team but when they paused on meeting, his exercise stopped too.
  • Feeling very unhappy about life

His manager had tried to help, yet Tariq was reluctant to admit what was really going on and became argumentative when the issue was raised. She was now getting frustrated with him.

Could red10 help?

Sort Health, Properly

red10‘s Wellbeing support aims to help clients pull themselves out of unhealthy patterns and sort their health out – properly.

Are you a senior leader seeking to improve the Wellbeing of your teams and business overall,?

Or are you an individual who has lapsed into bad habits through Covid-19?

Either way, red10‘s Wellbeing Wheel will help you to prioritise what you need to address, and give you practical steps to achieving specific goals.

This is not a quick fix. It is not a diet and exercise programme. It isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ promise (because, frankly, one size fits no-one).

This is about individuals considering their health holistically, working out what to prioritise, and, with help and guidance, working to improve their Wellbeing in small, meaningful ways, for the long-term.

The Wellbeing Wheel

red10‘s Lisa Smith listened carefully to Tariq and asked him to score himself on each of the 8 Spokes of the Wellbeing Wheel.

The 8 Spokes of Wellbeing are not new concepts as such, rather a consolidated approach Lisa Smith has developed over several years as a leading practitioner in the health and Wellbeing sector.

Lisa is not a doctor. She is highly trained and experienced in Yoga and Ayurveda and works closely with other health professionals in her Wellbeing Centre in Pembrokeshire.

On completing the Wheel, Tariq could now see what his manager saw – that he was doing well overall, and just needed to sort the issues concentrated around just four specific spokes:

  • Movement – stuck to his desk
  • The Mind – feeling low
  • Relationships – in conflict with a key colleague and his department
  • Food & Drink – craving his 8pm wine

The 8 Spokes

These are 8 spokes all linked to the same hub: a place where you will feel happy and healthy.

Click on each spoke to discover more

  • Are you having to diet, over and over again?
  • Good with alcohol, or are you craving it every night?
  • How many of our 9 Ayurveda-based Principles have you tried?

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  • Do you wake up every morning feeling refreshed?
  • Do you wake up at the same time?
  • Do you fall asleep within 30 minutes?

If you answer NO to 1 or more of these questions, you may be in sleep debt – the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep.

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  • Have you got a stand/sit desk?
  • Do you do “walk & talk” meetings?
  • How many Lux per day are you getting?

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  • Have you tried daily meditation?
  • Are you practising gratitude?
  • How is your mental health?

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  • Ignoring a conflict, hoping it will go away?
  • Rehearsing lines to use with someone, over and over?
  • Need practical solutions?

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  • Is life or work a major source of stress?
  • Ever wonder if there is another/better way?
  • Instead, can it be “work to live AND live to work”?

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  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  • What do you do in your ‘me-time’?
  • Do you even have any ‘me-time’?

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  • Are you available 24x7 on your phone?
  • Can’t get through dinner without checking your phone?
  • Have you lost control of the time you spend looking at a screen?

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 Tariq’s Wellbeing Plan

 Having shared his real situation with Lisa, in confidence, Tariq created his own plan:

  • Movement – purchasing a sit/stand desk and committing to at least one walk a day, often a “walk & talk” meeting with his chief of staff
  • The Mind – using a powerful 30-min breathing technique each day
  • Relationships – getting his boss to coach him on how to partner well with his colleague
  • Food & Drink – keeping wine for weekends, replacing it mid-week with fun spicy hot drinks

Tariq committed to reporting back in two weeks, recording his successes and slips in a red10 Wellbeing Diary.

Asking for Help

If you know someone who needs to be pulled out of a health rut, ask Lisa Smith about One-to-One Wellbeing Coaching.

Help is also available for teams in the form of a red10 Wellbeing Masterclass.

Organizations can notice increased productivity in terms of employees’ happiness and ultimately fewer days lost though sickness with a serious and consistent wellbeing system, as well as improved stats in their periodic employee surveys.