What comes to mind when you hear ‘relationship’?

Do you actively work on your relationships?

Did you know the word YOGA means relationship?

Here, red10’s Lisa Smith explains how relationships can be improved with many of red10’s products, and offers some insights to improve all your connections.

This is part of red10’s […]

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Letting go

Do you sometimes feel unhappy but can’t work out why?

Is there something you would like to let go of, which could make you feel better?

Perhaps you are attached to an image you have of yourself, to money or status, or to your beliefs and cultural systems?

As part of Wellbeing, red10’s Lisa […]

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Puncture repair or complete service?

How are you feeling?

What are the Pandemic’s effects on your health?

Are you free-wheeling or struggling on the uphill?

Whether this past year has left you feeling like you’ve had a blow-out, or just a slow puncture, here red10’s Lisa Smith describes how our Wellbeing Wheel may help get you free-wheeling again.

One thing […]

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Wellbeing Overview

  • Do you know someone with unhealthy lifestyle patterns?
  • Do they need a hand to pull themselves out of a wellbeing crisis?
  • Have you tried lots of different approaches and ended up back where you started – or worse

Here red10s Lisa Smith gives you an overview of the 8 spokes of

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We Are Always On

  • Are you available 24/7 on your phone?
  • Can’t get through dinner without checking your phone?
  • Have you lost control of the time you spend looking at a screen?

Here, red10’s Lisa Smith describes a few of the problems with technology and offers some boundaries to help us manage the crucial aspect […]

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  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  • What do you do in your ‘me-time’?
  • Do you even have any ‘me-time’

Here, red10’s Lisa Smith stresses the importance of having fun, the benefit of trying new things and (literally) switching off. […]

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Work to live or live to work?

Is life or work a major source of stress?
Ever wonder if there is another/better way?
Instead, can it be “work to live AND live to work”? As part of Wellbeing Series, red10’s Lisa Smith encourages us to examine what wellbeing in both life and work means, and how to choose the life-work balance […]

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It’s all in the mind

  • Have you tried daily meditation? 
  • Are you practising gratitude?
  • How is your mental health?  

As part of the Wellbeing Series, red10’s Lisa Smith busts some myths about the mind and offers practical methods for settling it to make you feel calmer. […]

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