Based in Manchester UK, and working worldwide, Will took over as sole owner of red10 in 2018 having worked for the business for the previous 9 years.

In red10 , Will personally focuses on:

Will specialises in:

  • Coaching virtual teams to thrive using tools including MS Teams®, Zoom® and the Virtual Sticky Note tool Mural®.
  • Coaching with Pharmaceutical Drug Development Teams – often called Global Product Teams (GPTs) – the cross-functional teams comprising marketing, medics, scientists, statisticians and lawyers that need to work well together to get much-needed life-enhancing drugs to patients.
  • Coaching alliance projects, i.e. projects that are being worked on jointly by two or more companies.

Will has a CIPD Charter in Human Resources, is a Member of the Association of Coaching, is a Master Coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching and is a Qualified Interpersonal Mediator (with the UK Law Society).

Will is accredited to use FIRO®-B, the GC Index®, LEGO® SeriousPlay®Myers-Briggs®QUBE® and the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)®.

Will defines One-to-One Coaching as “walking alongside a leader, accelerating their ability to really achieve their goals together with becoming the best version of their authentic extraordinary self”.

If you choose 9D One-to-One Coaching, then as well as accelerating your goals, you can create a personal charter for yourself that covers all of the 9-Dimensions of Leadership®.

In One-to-One Coaching, Will uses a blend of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) approach to coaching, Transactional Analysis (TA) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) together with red10 ‘s 9-Dimensions of Leadership®.

As a Coach, Will believes:

  • The best of the best have a coach, and no-one needs to know the coach exists, just like red10 ‘s “Red Arrows” inspiration
  • You’re in charge – you’re the expert in the challenges you face, we’ll bring the coaching expertise to support you
  • In tailoring his coaching style to be the most useful to you
  • Lasting change happens when you bravely tackle tangles holding you back. If you don’t have tangles, then you’re probably not challenging yourself enough
  • Your best thinking often occurs after initial attempts at articulating it – thank you Nancy Kline
  • In being discreet, trustworthy, warm, non-judgemental and data-driven, just like every red10 coach

Will defines Team Effectiveness Coaching as “enabling the team to align on, and put in place, the conditions that increase their chances of success”.

Will graduated from Birmingham University in the UK with a First Class Maths & Computer Science BSc Joint Honours winning the Computer Science Academic Prize July ’96 and the Faculty of Science Academic Prize July ’95.

Before joining red10 in 2009, Will worked for an international pharmaceutical company where he helped to introduce Team Effectiveness both as a global capability and as a specific programme for 72 drug-project teams, personally coaching a set of teams accountable for $8bn of sales and $5bn of research.

Will has since introduced Team Effectiveness Frameworks to two further 10,000+ employee organisations and works with a range of private and public sector clients from retail through to healthcare.

His work with teams was acknowledged through an interview by The Times UK newspaper on team best practice.

As a volunteer, Will set-up a new Duke of Edinburgh Award Centre in 2012, which has since become the second largest non-school centre in the north of England, with over 50 adult volunteers and 100 young people taking on the expeditions and weekly volunteering each year.