Are you a stay-at-home hero?

Are you determined to keep important work moving forwards?

Are you struggling to keep team members engaged and make decisions when there’s six or more on video?

Here, Will Sudworth outlines red10 ‘s plans to provide:

  1. A free Virtual Facilitator’s Kit – please use it, share it, and add to it
  2. A new Masterclass accrediting Virtual Facilitators
  3. A scalable way to skill-up groups of teams in-situ

Free Virtual Facilitator’s Kit

As part of our contribution to the world’s virus-fighting effort, red10 will shortly be launching a Kit for Team Leaders and Virtual Facilitators.

We will send out a special email when the Free Kit is ready, and update this web article with a direct link to the Kit.

We’re calling it our 3B kit as it will be a Freebie and we’re planning for it to contain:


Including, amongst other things:

  • Why this kit will work across all platforms yet why Zoom is our platform of choice
  • Avoiding gate-crashers when meetings are back-to-back
  • Increasing the odds of starting on time, through “Connect then Coffee”
  • The advanced combo of using Zoom + a meeting specific MS Teams Channel


Including, amongst other things:

  • Priming good behaviours with our 7 ½ Rules, with tailorable slides for meeting starts/ends
  • Assigning roles – e.g. someone keeping a shared action-log up-to-date
  • Moving from discussion to action through using “Powerful Language” phrases


Including, amongst other things:

  • Improving participation & alignment with Spins, Popcorn, Chats, Fists and Thumbs
  • Increasing speed through a Break-out Rooms Heartbeat
  • Creating a familiar rhythm for Decision-Making in your team
  • Advanced tools and the “Tag” teambuilding game

We’re all learning new tricks and techniques, all the time.

We would be delighted if the entire community:

  • Use it – and share their experiences of what works for them
  • Share it – so that others can use it too
  • Add to it – please let us know your ideas and requests so that we can keep evolving this Virtual Facilitator’s Kit together

New Masterclass accrediting Virtual Facilitators

Do you have leaders who need to dial-up their Virtual Facilitation Skills?

We will shortly be offering a new 12-person Masterclass that:

  • Accredits those who lead or facilitate teams with know-how and experience
  • Uses red10 ‘s trademark “engaging and measurable skill-building” approach
  • Requires just two 90-minute sessions over a week

Scalable way to skill-up groups of teams in-situ

Do you have a group of 3 or more teams that need to dial-up their skills?

We are now offering a scalable package whereby one of consultants:

  • Shares the concepts with the team leaders – and any available team-members – in a single session
  • Joins each separate team in-situ for 90 mins – helping facilitate their real agenda items in a way that dials-up their virtual skills
  • Plans with team leaders beforehand, and debriefs afterwards

Join Our Campaign

We’d be delighted if you could join us in our Home-Heroes campaign by:

  • Using, sharing and adding to our Virtual Facilitators Kit
  • Staying well 😊