Virtual Sticky Notes

Do you, like us at red10 , want to increase participation in meetings?

Are you actively using the chatbox in whatever video conference platform you are using, yet frustrated that you can’t cluster ideas together into themes or display it better visually?

Are you missing sticky note brainstorms?

Then you’ll be interested in Mural®…
…it’s one of […]

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Virtual Team Games – Tag | Hide & Seek

Planning a Virtual Face-to-Face?

In a team that’s been working so hard they need some fun?

Looking for a virtual team-building game?
As part of our FREE VIRTUAL KIT, red10 ‘s Will Sudworth explains two simple and fun team-building games that:

A  Don’t take up valuable meeting time – as you play them whilst getting […]

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Breakout for Success

“We want longer in the breakouts!”

“I loved talking through the learning points”

“It’s so nice to connect more deeply with just a few people”

These are just some of the comments we get using breakout rooms during virtual meetings – forming smaller groups of people from your main session who can then have a deeper discussion about […]

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Two are better than one!

Has your home become your permanent virtual meeting room? In virtual meetings, are you seeing presenters, slides and the chat tool? Then you’d benefit from a screen for each.

Here, red10 ‘s Karen Hyde explains how to set-up your virtual office, because two (or more) screens are better than one.

Adapting to the New Norm

Controlling everything […]

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