Are you in virtual meetings that are “all talk”?
Do you find it easier to explain using a drawing?
As part of the Tools in our FREE VIRTUAL KIT, red10 ‘s Will Sudworth shows how to show your iPad drawings on Zoom®.

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To be able to draw on your iPad, and show it on a Zoom® screen you need:

  • Essential: An iPad compatible with an Apple Pencil
  • Essential: Your iPad to be on the same WiFi as you’re the PC you are using for Zoom®
  • Optional: The iPad app Notability provides extra features, but you can use the built in Notes

7 Steps to show your iPad drawings on Zoom®

  • In Zoom®, click Share Screen

  • Choose iPhone/iPad and click share

    (Zoom will instruct you to connect your iPad to the same WiFi network )

  • On your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the note taking app on your iPad

  • Swipe down from the top right-hand corner of your iPad screen

  • Choose Screen Mirroring

  • Choose Zoom-X where X will be your name

  • Zoom will now be sharing the note taking app on your iPad screen, allowing you to explain your point with a drawing.