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Built on the shoulders of the giants in Team Effectiveness, red10 coaches teams underpinned by these three Team Effectiveness philosophies:

1    Be more like a Web than a Hub with Spokes

2 Build your Team GPS

We’re all used to our cars having a GPS or SatNav these days. Our belief is that teams work best when they have a Team SatNav too.

You’ll know that a SatNav needs to connect to at least 4 satellites before it knows its location, and before you can programme it on where you need to go.

Similarly, teams work most effectively when they launch and keep alive a set of ‘conditions’ that help them travel forward effectively as a team.

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3 Use the Heartbeat Model – it’s the secret for speed

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Team Effectiveness Survey

The Team Effectiveness Survey (TES) is designed to assess the extent to which members of your team perceive themselves to be operating effectively when measured against 9 Dimensions of team working. Your team results are derived from the amalgamated ratings chosen by all the team members who complete the survey. The results of the TES provide the material for honest team discussions about what changes may be needed and would make the team more effective. The TES can be used to support customised team development workshops or coaching.


When a team is in-flight and wants to get to that next level of performance then we always start with Reality. One of the tools we use to support the Reality dimension is Feedback-on-a-Page™. It helps teams to quickly have the important conversations; build shared understanding and commit to actionable proposals for change.

Team Effectiveness Coaches

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