Team icon copyLike you, we’ve been reviewing our achievements this year-end.

We’d heard anecdotally, and we knew intuitively, yet when we saw the data even we were surprised at the measurable shift in Behaviours achieved by all of the department’s nominated cohorts.

And at the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, the shifts we noticed against our Behavioural Analysis directly matched the quality and speed with which the groups achieved against the tasks we set them.

Three cohorts stood out for us as great comparisons:

  • We met Alison’s group of eight face-to-face and we almost had trouble counting the amount of “Shut Outs” that they enacted – those times when someone talks over someone else. There was amazing energy and volume in the room but it was no surprise that they didn’t complete the task and needed our earlier article on “How to get a word in edgeways”.
  • Whilst they had the extra challenge of it being a Virtual Meeting, we had thought that Brian’s group of just three would storm through the tasks. Yet they fell into the trap of just talking without ever powering up the conversation with “Proposals”, “Testing understanding” or “Building upon ideas”. They completed but only just.
  • Carla’s group were the stars. The odds were stacked against them – meeting virtually and 12 in number – yet their newly developed People Skills motored through to achieve the fastest result we’d ever seen.

If you, your team, and/or your department have never experienced our Behavioural Analysis and then developed the way you lead, inspire, influence or connect with people…contact the red10 team and let us show you how easy it can be to get measurable change and the results you desire.