Looking for a team icebreaker?

Want something to “warmly” start a meeting?

Want to quickly re-connect a distributed team?

red10 ‘s Will Sudworth shared one of his favourite icebreakers called “What’s On Your…?”

One of Our Favourite Icebreakers

If you’re reading this article, it may be because we’re planning to use this icebreaker at your team gathering and you wanted to know more about what to expect.

Or you may just be looking for icebreakers to use yourself with a team – in which case, please know that this is one of our favourites.

The Connection Circle

In red10 we often like to start events with a “connection circle”.

When we’re physically together, we literally ask everyone to stand, to form a circle, and ask everyone to respond concisely yet meaningfully to two or three questions.

We tend to avoid going round the circle in turn, rather we ask people to “pop when they’re ready – like popcorn pops when it is hot enough”.

In this icebreaker, there are four questions, all starting with the question “What’s On…”

Question 1: What’s On Your Badge?

By this question we mean, “What would be written on your badge if you were wearing one?”, i.e.

  • What’s your name?
  • What’s your company/department?
  • What’s your role?

Question 2: What’s On Your Plate?

By this question we mean, “What are you busiest with at work right now?”.

In times gone past, team members used to sit next to each, chat with each other, go to the coffee machine or lunch together – and you used to know who was working on what.

In modern times, hearing this from your colleagues is extremely useful, and might result in some conversations being initiated during the breaks to follow-up on opportunities to help each other.

Question 3: What’s On Your Mind?

By this question we mean, “What’s the biggest personal news you have right now, that you’re willing to share?”.

People can choose what they share, yet sharing something from outside of work helps build and maintain relationships and trust.

Question 4: What’s On Your Toast?

By this question we literally mean, “What do you like to put on your toast?”, i.e. salted butter, eating it plain, marmalade, strawberry jam…

Some people never eat toast, in which case, tell us what you eat for breakfast (or perhaps you never eat breakfast).

Why do we ask this? To bring out your human side.

It’s a bit like that pop-up you sometimes get on a website to check you’re not a robot! ?

Might this be useful to your team?

If you’re reading this because you wanted to know more about the icebreaker rred10 are using with your team, can you now prepare your answers?

If you’re reading this because you’re interested – might this icebreaker work for your team?