Looking for an entertaining game to play virtually?

One that’s easy to learn, enjoyable and great for teams?

Have you ever played LINKEE®?

Here Karen Hyde explains how red10 has adapted this amusing general knowledge quiz game into their Friday “Locktail” hour

What is LINKEE®?

LINKEE® is a simple, easy to learn, quiz game with a slight twist. In the box is a stack of cards, each with four questions. The aim is to find the word or thing that links the answers.

Let’s explain Locktail

During the pandemic, the red10 team really missed getting together in person so we invited everyone to join an informal get together, every other Friday afternoon via Zoom.  Entirely optional, there was no agenda, we were simply checking in with each other and sharing highlights from our week.

First we called it the Cocktail hour but because we were still in Lockdown by February 2020, our Friday Zooms quickly became “Locktail Hour”.

Playing LINKEE the red10 way

At an early “Locktail”, Sarah Barber introduced us to the game LINKEE®  and we’ve never looked back. We play it at every gathering, even if we have slightly adapted the rules.

Sarah, affectionately known within our team as “Quizzy McQuiz Face”, is our expert quiz master, reading out questions from the LINKEE® cards, pushing us all for precise answers and being very exacting with her clues, whilst trying to keep a straight face.

Under the official rules of the game, the question master is not supposed to reveal any of the answers to the four clues until the LINKEE® is found.  It doesn’t happen with us. We’re eagerly shouting out our answers over Zoom and generally causing much laughter.

Playing the game together has been so much fun, at times healthily competitive and even educational. We certainly finish the week on a high.

The only problem we’ve found is that if Sarah can’t join us, we end up making up our own questions which usually digresses into bouts of hilarious laughter.

We’ve missed being together in person yet, playing LINKEE® together has been a great way to continue our warm team bond. We’re so pleased we found this game.

A great way to break the ice

If you’ve worked with red10, you’ll know that we have a great collection of our own version of icebreaker games: Through the Keyhole and Desert Island Discs.  Now, we’ve added virtual LINKEE® as another fun and engaging way to build connections across teams.

To play as a virtual team, you’ll need the Linkee box and our slide introducing the game.

And…Did you know?

Sarah devised and submitted submitted some questions to the makers of LINKEE® and one has been selected for inclusion in the latest edition of the game.