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Wellbeing Masterclass


This Wellbeing Masterclass can be delivered on a 1:1 basis or explored face-to-face in a group of 12.
The outline below is an adaptation of the face-to-face course, specifically designed for delivery during the Covid-19 outbreak, when many clients are working remotely at home

Enables you to:

  • Understand the meaning of Wellbeing.

  • Define the red10 Spokes of Wellbeing using the red10 Wellbeing Wheel

  • Recognise what you are already doing well, share success and describe how you maintain it.

  • Choose two Wellbeing spokes to improve on and why

  • Experience short meditations and how to develop this further.

Wellbeing Masterclass Content


There is nothing you need to prepare.

Main Session

Two 2-hour workshops

Exploring and practising key tools interactively through:

  • Defining Wellbeing – breakout groups
  • Elicit the red10 8 Spokes of Wellbeing
  • Work in pairs exploring one of the spokes
  • Identifying personal wellbeing spokes to address
  • Breathing practices

Four Key Tools

  •  red10 Wellbeing Spoke
  •  red10 Wellbeing diary

Follow-up Session

One 2-hour workshop, one week later:

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