Wellbeing Coaching (Virtual)


Our Wellbeing Coaching  is delivered virtually with an initial 45 minute session and 3 x 45 minute follow-up sessions, every 2 weeks.  We also ask that you invest 30 minutes beforehand to complete a health questionnaire and read three 5-minute articles.

Enables you to:

  • Assess your overall wellbeing and choose 2-3 spokes on the red10 Wellbeing Wheel to focus on over 4 weeks

  • Improve specific aspects of wellbeing in incremental steps, with support

  • Track successes and slips in order to establish new sustainable habits

  • Learn a daily breathing practice and short meditation

  • Increase understanding of wellbeing with access to articles, websites and reading lists

  • Learn coaching techniques to overcome negative patterns and prevent them slipping back into bad habits

Wellbeing Coaching Masterclass Content

30-mins Pre-work

  • Complete a health questionnaire
  • Read three 5-min articles

First 45 minute session

  • Introductions
  • Personal Needs Assessment:
    Session 1 – using completed health questionnaire, Q&A and the red10 Wellbeing Wheel, discuss the 8 spokes of wellbeing and principles
  • Prioritise 3 spokes to work on over 4 x 45min sessions
  • Agree concrete actions for week 1
  • Explain and issue red10 Wellbeing Diary
  • Teach daily breathing exercises

3 x Follow-up Sessions

3 further sessions of 45mins – 1-2 weeks apart

  • Review successes and slips
  • Agree concrete actions for another spoke for the following week
  • Learn further breath and body techniques
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