Based in the city of sky scrapers, sun and a fascinating melting pot of cultures, working worldwide virtually, from Dubai (United Arab Emirates, UAE) Sureya Naidoo is known for

  • Leadership and transformative Coaching:

    She delights in championing clients into unchartered territory, to discover who they are beneath the layers or preconceived beliefs and self-limiting behaviours, that have been formed as unconscious biases, over the span of their lives. Her curiosity, integrity and empathy are what fuels the spark of connection, as she invites her clients to feel safe and trusted whilst they take big leaps into the unknown, as she “Unleashes the Leader within, focusses on Leading with intentionality; Embracing change with Emotional Intelligence/emotional quotient (EQ); Perspective thinking vs. Critical Thinking in leadership.

  • Individual Coaching:

    She values and harnesses the quality of individuality, and trait of ‘uniqueness’ we each bring to this World. She honors this, with each of her clients, inviting them to connect with ‘WHO’ they are, at the core of their being. Her benevolent and open-minded approach is an invitation for them to powerfully explore a space in which ‘realizations are triggered and self-awareness unfolds, bringing to the fore beliefs, values, and behaviours that influence their attitude and perception towards making or taking decisions. Following the realizations, she gently nudges them towards making more conscious choices, that will elevate their state of wellbeing and fulfillment both personally and professionally. Discover their key motivators and drivers for success.

  • Team and systemic Coaching:

    She loves cultivating team cohesiveness, and a so called one spirited team environment. Her belief is that if we care enough to look at what lies beneath the surface of discord, we will discover that we are all cut from the same cloth (similarities and differences) as humans. If we seek alignment with others, its healthy to occasionally look through the lens of similarity (instead of difference) as this is what fosters collaboration at work, and conducive to understanding and shaping culture; deepening human engagement, this is how we begin to unpack the understanding of emotional commitment in the workplace.

Sureya is especially experienced as:

An advocate for change and transformation by supporting Leaders, to create meaning in the own lives and that of their organizations. Her approach is to evoke the untapped potential of her clients, this practice prompts fierce courageousness from her as a Coach, as she chaperones them into unchartered territories. Her intuition and empathy, coupled with her ability to ‘shift perspective’, allows her to lead others towards successfully crafting and bringing the ideas in their Life domain, into fruition. The act of shifting perspectives, enables clients to see more than ‘one way’ to do something, this bolsters self-awareness –which activates the ‘power of choice’, by self-regulating the irrational or non-serving behaviour, and, to instead provoke healthier choices in both their personal and professional lives.

“Character is what we are; competence is what we can do”.

What is Sureya’s “come-from” place?

Sureya is: Who we are – is how we Coach. She is a ‘giver’, and trusts her innate intuition to lead and guide her clients and style of coaching, all the while immersed in empathy as she witnesses their truth through their story.  She is a discipline of courage, a consultant in mind, A coach at heart.

Sureya is accredited as:

  • ICF – accredited Professional Certified Coach – USA
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI)
  • Relationship/ team Coaching – Organisational Relationship System Coaching (ORSC)
  • Systemic Coaching – Academy of Executive Coaching AoEC –  (UK)
  • NLP Practitioner – Neurolinguistic Programming (Team NLP -UK)
  • red10 9D One-to-One Coaching

Sureya enjoys growing old gracefully, thus yoga, fitness, meditation and well-being are central to her lifestyle. One of her ‘core values’ is ‘beauty’, so she is always embracing the ‘beauty of life’ by deepening connections with family and friends, she relishes the beauty of nature. Spirituality, is enfolded into her daily life, and from this place she is able to forgive easily, and see people as natural creative resource and whole. She is giver at the core of her being, and believes that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

She is passionate about interior design and all things beautiful….