Based in the sunny and indulgent Dubai of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), working worldwide, Sureya Naidoo is known for

  • Leadership and Career Coaching: Unleash the Leader within, Leading with intentionality; Embracing change with Emotional Intelligence/emotional quotient (EQ); Perspective thinking vs. Critical Thinking leadership.
  • Individual Coaching: Develop an increased self-awareness by recognising any behaviours; attitudes and perceptions that could be standing in the way or disconnecting you from success. Discover your key motivators and drivers for success.
  • Team and systemic Coaching: Cultivate and shape culture; elevate employee engagement, by understanding emotional commitment in the workplace; Learn to prompt Crucial conversations; Foster co-creation in working teams, cultivate effective interpersonal communication in teams, Recognizing Role Confusion and the conflict it causes, introducing teams to a ‘system-thinking perspective’, Understanding and implementing healthy boundaries.

Sureya is especially experienced as:

A multicultural leadership and team Coach passionate about people, culture, organizational change management and innovation. With over two decades of personal and professional life experiences acquired in leading global organizations, largely in operations and team management. This experience formed the catalyst from which she contracted and assembled her coaching competencies and services, resolute to cultivate and champion a ‘whole system approach’. She harnesses the inter-connectedness of individuals, communities, organizations, and their active engagement to synergise within this domain of life.

“Character is what we are; competence is what we can do”.

What is Sureya’s “come-from” place?

Sureya is: A consultant in mind. A coach at heart. An advocate for growth. A transformational leader – in spirit. A driver of change. A disciple of courage. A collector of stories.


Sureya is accredited as:

  • BA – Bachelor of Arts and Administration (South Africa)
  • PCC – Professional Certified Coach – ICF USA
  • CPCC – Individual Coaching – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CTI)
  • ORSC – Relationship/ team Coaching – Organisational Relationship System Coaching (UAE)
  • AoEC – Systemic Coaching – Academy of Executive Coaching (UK)
  • NLP Practitioner – Neurolinguistic Programming (Team NLP -UK)

Sureya loves interior designer, reading and is an avid yogi – she attributes yoga to the cornerstone of her success. Her mat, is where she connects and discovers her strength, stamina and flexibility, as this then automatically translates into all areas of her life.