Conflict Handling


Our Conflict Handling Masterclass is delivered virtually over two half-day sessions, with a follow-up session three months later.

A conflict handling masterclass tailored to your situation:

  • Learn feedback techniques to prevent future conflict in both low risk and high risk situation.

  • Manage conflict when directed at you

  • Explore more advanced conflict handling techniques used by mediators.

Conflict Handling (Virtual)  Masterclass Content


Main Session

2 half days, delivered virtually
(ideally on consecutive days)

Adopt and practise key tools through simulations (role playing using your own real conflict scenarios, receive feedback from our consultant and your peers), group exercises and individual reflection.

Four Key Tools

  • Three different ways to give feedback to keep situations healthy and prevent conflict: Request model | Assertive model |   I’M SQIFFE
  • Thomas-Kilmann Inventory (TKI): Know how you currently instinctively react to conflict
  • Handling conflict directed at you: LEAPS model
  • Advanced conflict management: Positions and Interests / Reframing / Diffusing / Opportunity Spotting

Follow-up Session

A 2¼hr session three months later to:

  • Review your learning
  • Further fine tune your approach