What’s small, perfectly formed and fits neatly into a working day?

A red10 Mini Masterclass!

We all know the working world is changing … we want more, in less time and for less money so we can achieve greater targets.

red10 prides itself in providing powerful learning experiences and we know cramming our material into shorter a time frame carries a risk of not being able to take it to a depth that really helps the learners. But we have all heard the comment in the training room:

“They could have done this in half the time”

So, we have developed the Mini Masterclass format. We have taken the tools and models we know resonate with our clients and wrapped them up in a 2-hour intensive, highly interactive and concentrated learning session.

The Building Blocks of the People Development Academy

There are 19 (Don’t you just love an odd number?) Mini Masterclasses in our Academy which cover essential skills for the working world including Doing Feedback Well, Difficult Conversations and Leading (Visit our website for a full list of Mini Masterclassess).

Whilst the subject matter differs, they all have these essential components.

They are:

  • 120 minutes
  • Interactive
  • Based in the real world and on tried and tested models of behaviour
  • Pacey and energetic
  • F2F or virtual and definitely Power Point free zones
  • Like Lego in that they can be built together to form something new and original

Typically, our clients use our comprehensive menu of Mini Masterclasses in 3 ways:


As training offerings for employees and managers as part of an ongoing programme of development

The Manager’s Toolkit

By bringing together 7 of the essential skills and behaviours of effective management a cohort of learners can share and learn together to become better managers

The Learning Journey

This is a carefully selected series, based on the specific learning needs of your cohort, run over 6 months, with small group learning meetings or Action Learning Sets, between each Mini Masterclass. It is the most powerful way to reinforce and embed the learning from each session and share successes and failures as participant’s work with and implement the tools and techniques learned.

The full range

So, if you thought this could be done in far less time … you’re right.

It can and we are.

Step into our Personal Development Academy to see the full range on Mini Masterclasses and if you’re wondering what everyone else is doing here is our Big 5, these are the sessions which seem to be popular at the moment (In no particular order).

The Big 5:

  1. Doing Feedback Well
  2. Difficult Conversations
  3. Story Telling for Business
  4. Building Trust
  5. Managing Emotions