Is your team advanced in its use of virtual platforms?

Want to see everyone and breakout , yet also react to and cluster chatbox posts?

Want everyone to whiteboard and sticky-dot vote, yet also build the action log together?

Here, red10‘s Will Sudworth explains why some teams choose to do a Combo of Zoom® with MS Teams®, explaining:

  1. The practical set-up
  2. Why the Combo is needed
  3. Building the Combo

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The practical set-up

The Combo involves the following set-up:

  • Zoom – in gallery view – on your main screen
  • MS Teams – in Team View – on either your 2nd screen or phone/tablet

2  Why is the Combo Needed?

Surely life is complicated enough? Why not just use one or the other?

This is for advanced teams only, who will understand these reasons…

A  Zoom has 5 features MS Teams doesn’t have, namely:

B MS Teams has features that Zoom doesn’t have, namely:

    • React to chatbox posts with a thumbs-up or a heart
    • Cluster chatbox posts together in conversations, so that you can have multiple conversations in parallel
    • Provide an action log that everyone can see and edit in real-time – and even add to that with automated action-tracking
    • Create meeting notes that everyone can see and edit in real-time
    • Provide a live agenda that the team can be agile with – changing the order and flow and yet always having a copy of the latest version

3  Building the Combo

Putting the combo together is simpler than it looks, and teams get used it very quickly.

The combo simply is:

    • Front end: Use Zoom for the audio/video and its advanced tools like breakouts, annotation and 2-screens
    • Back end: Unless you have guests joining, use MS Teams for the Chatbox rather than using the Zoom Chatbox.

Everything else becomes clear as you use it.

Have you tried the combo yet?
What do you think?


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