Michael for red letter 320x213x72For 2016, red10 is supporting this charitable fund which is the brainchild of our red10 colleague and friend Michael Charlesworth who died of lung cancer in January.

Alongside his wife, the Rev. Nicola Coleman, Michael was passionately involved in supporting people down on their luck, particularly in South London where Michael and Nicola lived for many years.

One much appreciated service was the offer of emergency overnight shelter in the church hall. Michael was part of a team that helped make up the beds and cook breakfasts; he chatted with the visitors and got to know a lot about them. He found himself very moved by the life stories he heard. Over time, Michael came to understand how some of the simplest things in life can also be the most valued – a full English breakfast and clean underpants!

Michael admired the courage and resilience of the men and women he got to know at that time and wanted to find a more lasting way to help them. He was particularly concerned for those who had spent most of their lives in and out of care, as it is often the hardest for them to break the cycle.

Michael saw that for some, simply having a secure bed for the night, fresh clothes in the morning and a hearty breakfast, was enough to allow them to start their day with a little more confidence to find a way out of their current predicament.

You may want to support Michael’s charitable work by making a donation to the Breakfast and Underpants Fund which is administered by St Martin-in-the Fields Charity. The Fund aims to give lasting help to those who most need it.

You can make on-line donations by clicking on this link https://charity.stmartin-in-the-fields.org/parsons or by Googleing ‘The Breakfast and Underpants Fund’ and following the link to on-line donations.