Has developing people skills been on hold during the pandemic?

Are your leaders assuming that it’s just like schools being out during lockdowns?

Did you know that others are skill-building virtually, and loving it?

Here, red10‘s Gavin Simpson describes how some clients have kept on going with some surprising benefits.

Some companies maintained or accelerated their learning agenda through the Pandemic.

One of our clients has invested strongly in virtual workshops for its teams throughout Covid and it has proved it is possible to have effective learning in a virtual environment. It’s also created some additional benefits.

It is a global client and pre-Covid we worked with them physically delivering our masterclasses in person and on site in their different geographies.

Our client was interested to pilot our masterclass virtually to see if it could have the same or similar impact virtually. The pilot was successful, measured against the same metrics as the face-to-face version, and 10 masterclasses later its going strong.

So, do virtual masterclasses work?

It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves. These are the metrics and benefits we have seen.

of people found the virtual masterclasses a safe and place to learn and practice new skills.
of people found it an interactive and engaging way of working.
of people say its improved their ability to influence (influencing masterclass).
72% of people have found it has improved their ability to perform in their role.
  • We don’t just teach theory we give people time in a virtual environment to practice their skills with their real scenarios.
  • People have formed global connections that would never have happened.
  • A global culture has been reinforced, practising your skills with someone from another country is a very bonding experience.
  • Environmentally and financially, it has been positive i.e. no flights, car or train journeys

To be face to face or not to be face to face is the question?

Let’s look at the other side. Has anything been lost? I’m struggling to find an answer. There is something wonderful about being in the same room together yet does this outweigh the benefits of virtual learning given these benefits? It’s a tough one.

It’s has been proven to work; we can run the most intimate of courses virtually. The question is will it continue in this way as the world opens again.

What do you think?

Maybe try one of our virtual masterclasses, see for yourself and then decide?