Influencing Skills Masterclass


Our Influencing Skills Masterclass is delivered virtually over two half-day sessions, with a follow-up session three months later. We also ask that you invest 30 minutes beforehand to read 3 articles and think about a real scenario.

Enables you to:

  • Further develop your existing skills and link your skills to research.

  • Gain an independent assessment of your current communication approach so you can fine-tune.

  • Increase your influencing confidence through practising in a safe environment, removing the risk of underplay or overplay.

  • Recognize how communicating well brings out the best in others.

Influencing Skills Masterclass Content

30-mins Pre-work

  • Complete a template on a real future scenario you want to influence
  • Read three 5-minute articles

Main Session

2 half days (ideally on consecutive days)

Adopt and practise  four key tools interactively through:

  • Simulations (role playing your real scenario)
  • Group exercises
  • Working in pairs
  • Individual reflection

Four Key Tools

Follow-up Session

A 2¼hr session three months later to:

  • Reinforce the learning
  • Celebrate success and further fine tune your approach
  • Learn specific virtual meeting influencing skills
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