Our Mini Class on “Knowing Self”

  • Need to communicate, lead and participate in teams more effectively?
  • Want to better understand and interpret what you do and why?
  • Want to develop more self-awareness and discover what impact you might have on other people?

Here in a 3-min video, red10 ‘s  Piers Carter describes Knowing Self – one of our interactive and highly informative, suite of mini masterclasses.

And if you prefer to read, we’ve transcribed the video below:

Says Piers:

“Hi. I’d like to talk to you about our Mini Class “Knowing Self”. This is one of the suite of Mini Sessions. We’ve found them to be really popular and very useful for anybody in an organisational setting, whether you’re an employee and part of a team or whether you’re a manager, leader or more senior supervisor of a team.

Each of our masterclass sessions follow the same format. We always open with welcome and an introduction and settle people into the room.  We share the aims and objectives of this specific session.

An opening question to excite interest

We ask a question to excite interest.

As this is in a small group, we have an opportunity to work with just a few of our colleagues on the workshop and really get under the skin of what the topic might be about.

After that, we then teach the content, the main model or the tool for that session.

Following the teaching part, we have an application:

  • How do we apply that to our own experience?
  • How do we apply it to our own need?

And once we’ve done some application of the learning, we always try and take action or encourage you to make a commitment to take action before we close the session.

So all our sessions follow that format and this is no exception.

This particular workshop

Specifically, this particular workshop looks at our personality preferences, our ways of being in the world, that can help us understand and interpret some of why we do what we do.

We’ve modelled this on the Insights Discovery tool and it looks at our personality preferences through the lens of four colours.

Insights Discovery tool

  • We have the RED or driver characteristic where people are task focus and results driven.
  • We have the BLUE or organiser, the people who like structure and order and planning.
  • We have the GREEN or the. Collaborator, very relational people. They tend to provide connections with others and and create lots of team integration
  • and we have the YELLOW or the visionary people who are all about ideas and creativity and possibility.

When we look at ourselves and others through the lens of these 4 colours. It gives us a very good, quick, easy access to personality and behaviour which we think can help you communicate and lead and participate in teams more effectively.

Get to know your style and make it work for you

The success of this really is based on this formula which suggests that we start by building self-awareness, i.e. we start by learning::

Awareness + Range = Choice

  • “How do I show up?”
  • “What am I like?”
  • “What impact do I have on other people?”

This tool helps us drive more self-awareness and that allows us to identify our limitations or where our range could be expanded:

“How can I operate, behave, practise in areas where perhaps I’m less comfortable; less competent in terms of my style?”

When I have high levels of self-awareness and I practise my range and develop skills in other areas that are less developed, then ultimately I have more choice, more choice about who I am, how I show up, and how I communicate.

Pathway through learning and growth

TAwareness, plus range equals choice is this pathway through learning and growth that we find is a really effective way to describe the work that we do here.

This session will help you begin to build your self-awareness and notice where you could develop range.

So, if you’re looking for something to participate in that is highly interactive and highly informative, then this session on “Knowing Self” could be exactly what you’re looking for.