Are you seeking 360º feedback from your colleagues to accelerate your development?

Do you want to maximise the impact of the time they invest?

Here, Sarah Barber explains how the unique red10 approach can help.

1 red10 will conduct 30 minute phone calls to seek anonymous feedback

As a first step we will ask you to identify up to 8 people to give feedback and agree this list with your manager. Our 360-degree feedback compass can help here.

red10 will conduct 30 minute calls to seek anonymous feedback from each of the people you have identified. In our experience, everyone responds to feedback requests made this way – in contrast to web-based surveys which some people don’t respond to.

Because we have a conversation with your colleagues, we can both ensure that feedback is meaningful and help people to phrase feedback constructively. For example – to describe the changed behaviour they would like to see rather than make a negative comment about current behaviour. A web-based survey doesn’t allow for this conversation and accepts comments provided even if they are superficial or hurtful.

2 Weaving comments into themes

Once interviews are complete and we have allowed feedback givers to check the content of their transcript, we look across all feedback for themes. Comments are woven together to describe these themes and themes are weighted by how many people said the same or similar things unsolicited. It is not obvious who said what, which allows the receiver to focus on the themes. They can prioritise strengths to build on and decide what action they want to take about “do differently” themes.

This “weaving together” step encourages feedback givers to be open and not hold back on the most important feedback for fear of repercussions.

3 Creating a single side Feedback-on-a-Page report

The report we produce for you is concise and manageable – you will not be burdened with a 12-page report in which you cannot see the wood for the trees.

It is carefully written, so that it causes no harm and gets traction. We use people’s actual words yet with clever techniques like reframing statements into questions, or stating the feedback as a request for the future.

Again this contrasts with web-based surveys which contain unfiltered comments that might have been made carelessly and could impact you in ways the feedback-giver did not intend.

You can see an example of what the report looks like here:

4 Using the report in a coaching conversation

The report is intended to feed into a coaching conversation between you and your manager. Together you can discuss how to build on your strengths and how to change any behaviours that might be holding you back.

If required red10 can provide follow-up coaching sessions (usually 2 hours) to help you turn your 360-degree feedback into action.