Culture Skills Masterclass


Our Culture Skills Masterclass is delivered virtually over two half-day sessions.

Enables you to:

  • Explain the different cultural dimensions and the impact they have on others in the team

  • Know when and how to customise your own behaviour to be more effective when working with others from a different culture

  • How to establish a cultural norm for how to work as a team.

Culture Skills Masterclass Content

30-mins preparation

5- min article to read
• 25-mins reflection and jotting down personal notes

Main Session

2 half days

Are you working with people from different cultures?
Have you noticed how colleagues approach work differently depending on the culture they grew up in?

For example: How we give feedback. How we lead groups to make decisions.

The Masterclass brings to life the latest research from Erin Meyer’s Culture Map, using:

  • Simulations that bring your real situation to life
  • Group exercises
  • Working in pairs
  • Individual reflection
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