Presenting with Impact


Our Presenting with Impact masterclass is delivered virtually over two half-day sessions. We also ask that you invest 30 minutes beforehand to prepare a 2-minute work-related presentation.

By the workshop’s end, participants will have:

  • Shared what stopped them from being their best with presentations.

  • Practised techniques for reducing or even removing nerves & anxiety or becoming centred if over-confident.

  • Practised the all-important audience eye contact.

  • Received individual feedback and coaching from a trained actor and voice teacher.

  • Practised the techniques, standing up and doing it!

  • Seen the tangible difference in their skills for presenting with impact.

Presenting with Impact Masterclass Content

30-mins Pre-work

  • For Halfday 1: Prepare a 2 min work-related presentation – slides allowed
  • Between Halfday 1 & 2: Re-work presentation based on coaching

First 4-hour session

1. Introductions

2.Explore the effects of nerves, anxiety or even over-confidence Learning advanced coaching techniques as used with athletes
that allow us to remove negative patterns for ourselves
Learning advanced breath and body techniques used by stage actors

3.Deliver work presentations
Receiving encouragement and improvement suggestions

4.How to be a human online
What does it mean to be yourself?
Explore connecting with others while presenting.

5. Homework

Second 4-hour session

1.Put techniques from Session 1 into practice
Stand up and do it!

2.Strategies to find your confidence 10 mins before you start
rather than 10 mins after you’ve started

3.Participants receive individual coaching
From an experienced and established actor and voice teacher

4.Review learnings and agree future actions

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