Does your organisation only provide coaching for senior leaders?

Is coaching seen as a lengthy, costly process?

Have you heard of open coaching clinics?

Here, red10‘s Piers Carter explains how some clients are using red10 to make coaching available to those who need it most, in a timely, simple fast-access way.

How come only the execs get the coaching?

I was talking to one of our clients a while ago, she was Gen Y and she asked:

“How come coaching is only given to all the senior leaders, aren’t they the ones who are supposed to have it all sorted by now?”

It occurred to me she had a point – why is coaching perceived as the domain of the executives and experienced leaders?

Not only that but why is it perceived as a complex, involved and lengthy process requiring huge financial commitments and a big-time investment?

The Coaching Clinic

Her company was interested in offering coaching throughout the organisation and making it accessible to aspiring employees. So, as a low-risk way of testing the idea, we did a 6-month ‘Coaching Clinic’ offering.

  • 90-minute slots

  • 1 day per month

  • Available to anyone who feels they have a need or interest in working through an issue/topic with an unbiased, external coach.

  • People have a single session

  • Anyone can request or be recommended a session. People can have further sessions if needed.

  • Most importantly, it is accessible to anyone in the organisation.

The 7 ½ benefits include:

1 People get the support they need when they request it
2 The company has well looked after people
3 Problems get solved early
4 People feel they work for a company that cares
5 We see the what the vibe is in the organisation and can share this with the L & D team
6 Aspiring leaders get tailored development
7 More experienced people get faster access to coaching which benefits the company½ We get to coach some amazing people

½ We get to coach some amazing people

Our 6-month experiment was a success and we are still there, every month, 2½ years later.

Who shows up?

Interestingly, we have had everyone from new associates through the door to Vice Principals and seniormanagers. There is no stigma, people see it as a reward or great opportunity to have a confidential, unbiased conversation with an experienced coach.

When people take advantage of multiple sessions we have integrated psychometric tools and 360 feedback to good effect, the topics covered are hugely varied and always relevant to the individuals personal and professional needs.

A Coach’s Eye View

I have to say I am a convert. I used to think coaching ought or should be in depth, full-on, with months, if not years of sessions.  But I have to say, these accessible clinics get to the heart of what is important quickly, easily and meet the need presented by whomever comes into the room; new starter or board level executive.

Flexibility and accessibility is the key here, which is maximised by the virtual way of working. If I could, I would unreservedly recommend all my clients offered their people monthly clinics.

Mental wellbeing has never been more important and this is one solution which, as part of a coherent wellbeing strategy, can go a long way to maintaining people’s wellness.

In this client, coaching is no longer the domain of executive board members but available to every employee.