red10‘s Office Manager, Karen Hyde, recently interviewed red10‘s new owner Will Sudworth to find out about him and his plans for the future.

“Congratulations Will. I believe you’ve had a busy few weeks since taking ownership of red10; travelling to Poland, USA and Germany supporting leadership teams, so thank you for making time to catch up over coffee.”

I’ve heard how one client described the news “as a bitter sweet moment” – can you share more about why?

That phrase resonated with me. It’s a privilege to now lead red10 but we all miss Caroline.

With you as chief pilot can we expect the same red10?

‘Chief Pilot’ – that’s funny – why didn’t we write that on our new business cards?!?!? Yes, it’s the same great people, products and principles. You will continue to recognize the consultants you know in the red10 team.

What are your plans for the future?

There is so much need for the way we do Team Effectiveness, One-to-One 9D Coaching and Skill Masterclasses. So our vision is to grow so that we can give more, in our unique red10 way.


We’ve taken on two new consultants already, and we’re working on meeting the urgent request from one of our clients for us to have new people on the US East Coast and in Germany. We need to focus on onboarding these new consultants, so that we consistently deliver quality in our unique red10 way.

Rather less exciting but very real is the immediate priority our clients will be very aware of and involved in – changing the paperwork in their purchasing systems to support our re-structured company – which has been far from straightforward.

Going back to the future though: we’re looking forward to meeting up as team in December to plan out the 9-Dimensions® for our next ‘flight’ together as a business, in the same way that we do this with our clients.

red10supports clients worldwide, why Manchester as the new HQ?

We can only support so many clients because we have an air traffic controller,  Karen Hyde running a great red10 office coordinating us all. With Karen and I both being in Manchester, it made sense for us to formally change address.

Moving from Consultant to Business Owner – what is that like?

Great question. It really struck me this week.

Whilst I was sorting paperwork in Manchester, Hazel Howard was working for red10 in San Francisco and was sending me the most beautiful pictures. I’d have loved to have been there myself, but I was committed elsewhere and we’re getting great results for our clients on a bigger scale working this way.

So that we know a bit more about you – who has been the biggest inspiration to you?

When I was growing up in North Wales, there was an entrepreneur who ran the main shop and post office in the village.

Not only was he a Justice of the Peace, but he also ran the village youth group, and he led that in an entrepreneurial way too – with a team of volunteers running the summer carnival as a fundraiser and community-builder, and with another team hiring out three sites on the coast for camping throughout the summer as an income stream.

It was this example that led me to work with a team of volunteers five years ago to set-up what is now the second largest non-school Duke of Edinburgh Award group in the North of England. Over 120 young people take on hiking expeditions with us each year, and we’ve had over 50 young people receiving Gold Awards from royalty at the Palace.

Thank you Will. I’ll let you go and catch that flight to Sweden. Safe Travels