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Is there a step-change you want to make?

Or do you need a regular sounding board?

Want feedback gathered independently, then support to act upon it?

Start by meeting one of our coaches, explaining your needs in confidence, and hearing how they could help you. If the ‘chemistry’ between you both works, then they will propose a package for you to review and approve.

Each package is tailored specifically to you.

A typical coaching journey comprises:

  • Receiving our unique 9D Coaching Booklet, and reflecting on your answers to the 9-Dimensions of Leadership® – the practical and research-based conditions essential for leaders to thrive
  • Gathering anonymized feedback in 30-min phone calls from eight carefully chosen individuals
  • Investing time in the first session for immediate breakthroughs
  • Agreeing a rhythm of meetings that helps you turn new patterns into habits
  • A final round of gathering anonymized feedback – to see the measurable progress and further fine-tune
  • Wrapping up the coaching and celebrating success

Below you can read our coaching articles and explore the biographies of our 9D Coaches who are:

Qualified in advanced coaching techniques

Accredited in our 9D® Coaching Model

Motivated to join you in what is often a life-changing moment

Coaching articles

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