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Piers Carter

Based in the East Midlands, UK Piers’s passion in his working life is people and behaviour. He works with individuals and groups from a range of backgrounds from the Public Sector to blue chip organisations, specifically coaching leaders and teams towards effective performance. Simply put, Piers believes that he helps people have better conversations; as individuals with him as a coach, within teams communicating more effectively or as a leader leading through others and influencing the business.

At the World Extreme Medicine Conference in November 2014, Piers will be presenting his research into Leadership & Decision-making in Teams Working under Extreme Pressure.

He specialises in a subtle combination of psychometric profiling, behavioural workshops and facilitated sessions. Piers is up to date on the latest human resource and development theories including Executive Coaching, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Experiential Learning.

Most recently Piers has been developing a competence in conflict management and resolving differences through having the challenging conversations which so often go unsaid. With careful exploration and facilitation Piers has had success with both management pairs and teams developing respectful and constructive relationships where previously there was conflict.

Many years ago, Piers was a full time civilian trainer with the Home Office based at a National Training Centre. In this role he was responsible for developing leaders and teams within various Police response units. The priority was to create adaptable and effective teams and leaders to operate under a variety of very challenging situations.

He embraced all that he learned here and established his own unique style of facilitation and coaching in his current work bringing energy, expertise, knowledge and humour to individuals, teams and leaders in business.

Piers ‘road tests’ the behavioural theory regularly in real front line leadership situations taking business groups out to developing countries and delivering socially motivated projects as part of leadership development in urban and rural communities such as Namibia.

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