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Paul Gaskell

I live and work in Wilmington, DE in the United States. I prefer to work in the New York to Washington, DC corridor, but I am open to work anywhere in North America. My specialty within red10 is coaching and outside I supplement my coaching with small team development and direction setting workshops, and change management consulting.

I am passionate about developing individuals and teams to reach their potential. I trained with the College of Executive Coaching and am accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ACC). I use Clifton Strengths Finder, VIA Character Strengths and Keirsey Temperament Sorter assessments to help my clients gain awareness .

I am a husband, father of two wonderful kids, explorer of ideas about how our minds work, listener to vinyl records and supporter of Liverpool Football Club (chair of the Delaware Supporters Club).

Some more on my coaching:

  • One of the defining moments for my practice was in 2014 when I was doing my coaching inside a large Pharmaceutical company. My daughter was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, and we decided that I should try to build my own practice. At the time, this allowed me to balance my clients with the time needed to support my family. Five years on, my daughter’s illness is in the past and my business has grown from a part time, family-friendly enterprise to the full time focused coaching business.
  • One of my favorite experiences was with a business owner who came to me and asked me if I could help him create a Plan B that didn’t involve him running his company. Through a series of conversations, he was able to conclude that his Plan B could be arrived at by redefining his role in his company – focusing on his strengths, and engaging the strengths of his team to support him. This has been one of the factors in his company’s significant growth
  • One of the most useful concepts for my clients (and for me) is this conscious/unconscious competence/incompetence Learning model (Learning of course is at the base of the red10 9 dimensions framework):

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