Tammy Watchorn

Based in Scotland, Tammy’s has spent the last 15 years leading, facilitating and delivering complex change and innovation activities.

One of the key processes that Tammy utilises in facilitating change is LEGO® SeriousPlay®, a powerful tool that can unlock new knowledge and aid teams in the creation of new ideas and strategies, prioritising activities and developing effective action plans.

Using LEGO® SeriousPlay® teams learn both build and metaphor skills to aid storytelling and develop creative thinking before moving on to building solutions to identified problems. Through sharing models, combing visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning the group develops clear understanding of everyone’s ideas and perspectives before moving on to create an aligned solution together. This results in an overall group model that all participants are agreed on and all have clarity around the key elements. The models can then be utilised to develop priority activities and understanding of the impact of other factors on delivering a successful outcome before developing agreed actions to take forward. The process can be used in a number of settings for any number of individuals from focused teams of around 10 to conference events of hundreds.

Tammy also incorporates user centred design, innovation tools, prototyping and delivering collaborative projects at speed and is a www.QUBE.cc (virtual business school) tutor. This means she can support end to end delivery from identification of problems through to delivery of activity with appropriate support for each element.

Tammy graduated from Edinburgh University with a 2i in Biochemistry before undertaking a PhD in clinical research. Prior to working as an independent facilitator Tammy spent 15 years working in the NHS on large change programmes, initially as a project management before moving onto leading strategic programmes for complex organisational change initiatives. In the past 5 years her role focused on health and wellbeing innovations including: facilitating the process of problem identification; ideation; user design; developing collaboratives across Health Boards, Government, Academia and Industry; development and testing of prototypes for new services; and implementing new ways of working within and across ogransiations. In the past she has been accredited in PRINCE2, MSP and Scrum (Agile).

Tammy is also currently researching the use of LEGO® SeriousPlay® within schools to support team work and inclusion (particularly with children with learning difficulties and disabilities) and how the process can be incorporated into pedagogy to better enable government initiatives such as Growth Mindset.