Paul Redwood

Based in the UK and working internationally, Paul is an Organisation Development Consultant and Coach of over 20 years’ experience. His work focuses on helping people and teams to be their best in complex organisational systems.

Paul has a particular interest in helping people and teams slow down, think more clearly and have the better conversations that release potential, opening the door for change and progress.

His client experience stretches across public and private sectors. Wherever he works he never ceases to be amazed at the busy-ness so commonly experienced in organisational life. Cluttered with demands, meetings, emails and a noisy social media, quantity trumps quality and hard-pressed leaders struggle to make space to simply stop, think and converse clearly enough. Despite the endemic meetings culture, much remains unsaid, often the important.

Paul is an Accredited Coach with the Association for Coaching, has logged over 2,500 hours of face to face coaching. He continues to strive at being a better coach. He is also accredited as one of a few Organisational Workshop facilitators in the UK which helps people better appreciate organisational systems/ systemic thinking and what it helps reveal about human behaviour in organisations.

His early career was spent in a variety of blue chip management roles which have included responsibilities for consulting on change and people projects both with clients and staff at PwC; marketing coatings to yacht and ship owners worldwide with Courtaulds; foreign exchange dealing in the Far East with HSBC; and as an Officer leading men and equipment with the Royal Navy.

He lives in the Midlands, UK with his wife, 3 sons and Stanley the dog. He enjoys various water-sports, the outdoors and life in general.