How can we Develop This Role?

It was a key role.

The leaders were receiving feedback about the wide variety in performance of people in that same role.

At the extremes, it was like they were doing different jobs.

This sort of situation was exactly why we developed ‘Good to Great’ – an approach for role development that engages stakeholders as well as staff.


Getting the Right People in the Room

The first step was to get the right people involved in a workshop.

We encouraged the leaders to invite the best performers and helped them to create a 3600 map of the system that enabled them to invite key stakeholders.

On the day itself, we facilitated this group of people to scope the role using environment mapping, identifying critical aspects.

For each critical aspect, they articulated “What does merely GOOD performance look like vs what does GREAT performance look like”.


Barriers to Consistently Great Performance

The next step was to seek the root causes holding them back, with questions like “What stops the good from becoming consistently great?” and “Why does it matter?”.

We explored:

  • Knowledge – perhaps they didn’t know that this was what was wanted of them?
  • Skills – perhaps there was training that was missing?
  • Motivation – perhaps they weren’t being incentivized to do it?
  • Environment – perhaps something about the org structure prevents this?

Out of this came an action plan to address the barriers to great performance.


Taking action to address the barriers

Important actions over the next year included: –

  • Role-modelling by great performers in one or more critical aspects
  • Targeted training on specific skills
  • Consistent performance management to set the standard for great.
  • Development of career pathways within and beyond the role that increased motivation.

The organisation recognised the increasing performance of the group, and the initiative leader we’d worked with as our client was recognised with an excellent performance rating.

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