• Wondering what concepts healthy minds adopt?
  • Heard the research by Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?
  • Which concepts do you disagree with, and why?

Here, red10 ‘s Will Sudworth introduces NLP’s research into healthy mindset, in what NLP calls their 16 pre-suppositions.

What is NLP? And what are Pre-suppositions?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of concepts and a set of coaching techniques that helps you have a healthy mind and keep it healthy.

It was developed by pulling together, into an accessible package, all the latest advanced approaches used by psychologists.


LINGUISTIC Words we use


  • You can hear how your brain is thinking by listening to the word patterns you’re using
  • Using clever visualisation techniques as now used by Olympic athletes, you can recode your brain, and be confident that your thinking has changed as you hear your word patterns change

Key to the NLP approach is what they call their 16 Pre-suppositions. The founders of NLP found that these 16 concepts are adopted by those with the healthiest minds.

What is the list of 16?

Each of the 16 pre-suppositions is a concept.

Each concept has a lot packed within it: you need to wrestle with it to fully understand and adopt it.

Each concept can be life-changing when adopted.

Using the list below, you’ll see a short intro on each supposition. You can deep dive into some of the pre-suppositions by reading a 5 min article on it.