Team Effectiveness

Teams come in many disguises. It may be a group of direct reports. It may be a project team, a matrixed team, or a fact-finding, trouble-shooting, ground-breaking team.

Inviting human beings to operate as a team always brings challenges. Each and every member has his or her ways of working. Everyone has a unique perspective and very likely, everyone has a different role.

So it is sometimes the creation of a compelling vision or the building of a cogent and flexible strategy that needs development. It is sometimes how the team will hold brilliant meetings or capture its learning. More frequently, it is the ‘crunchy bits’ – the need for more open conversations, more robust exchanges, more creative outputs, clearer communication, the sharing of strengths and values and the need to truly work in partnership with each other for the greater good. All of these aspects of effective team working present challenges and all are the ones we love to help teams to address.